PSWC Board Members are the backbone of the Society. They volunteer their time, talent, and efforts to support the mission of the Society to promote pastel arts and education. We are always looking for additional volunteers to take on Board positions. Training and lots of encouragement is given free of charge! Contact any board member for more information.

Meet Our Board


Pamela Comfort

Walk in the Country by Pamela Comfort

I am honored and humbled to be serving as the President of the PSWC. In this role, I have the opportunity to work on a volunteer basis with many talented, dedicated and generous other volunteers. My goal is to support the society in maintaining its highly regarded status among pastel artists, to support those artists in the ongoing development of their work, and to support our mission of promoting the pastel medium through education and outreach. 

Along with maintaining many of the strong programs currently underway, we will be adding some additional features in the coming months. We will also continue to expand our Regional Representatives program in order to increase face-to-face interaction among our members in various locales. The popular PSWC Magazine will continue to feature our annual shows, along with a variety of artist showcases and educational articles. 

In addition to serving as President, I chair the Scholarship Program, one of the ways we support students planning a career in art. 

My background is in the field of education. I earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Organizational Management, and retired from my position as Deputy Superintendent of Schools for Contra Costa County in 2018. 

Having only dabbled in art and music throughout my life, I discovered after retiring that I loved the immediacy and tactile satisfaction of working with pastels.  I am a beginning artist, a juried associate member of the Pastel Society of America, and also a member of several local art associations. I love to travel, and aspire to create art that communicates a strong sense of nature, culture and place.  In addition to painting and travel, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends boating on the lake near our home in the Sierra foothills.


Sabrina Hill

Contemplating Life by Sabrina Hill

A little about me–my dining room is my studio and now my “Oval Office” as well. My pastel tray is currently resting on a notebook with all the interviews for the next PSWC Magazine. Being amidst the family activities makes me feel connected and inspired. It also allows me to put on a pot of spaghetti sauce and stir it between brush strokes and emails! I imagine many great artists had the smell of linseed oil and garlic in their studios!

In addition to working on PSWC projects and my own endeavors, I take commissions in a variety of subject matter from fine art pet portraits to calligraphy. I teach Beginning Art classes in a retirement community (not mine…yet) and calligraphy at Paper Source in Northern and Southern California and through my local library system.

I live in Northern California with my high school sweetheart and husband of over 33 years, David, our three grown children and two lovely dogs.


Bonnie Griffith

Board Barn by Bonnir Griffith
Board Barn by Bonnie Griffith

Bonnie paints the western landscape using the rich pigments of pastels and oils to create paintings that have the brilliance and bold color characteristic of these mediums. Working in a representational yet impressionistic approach, she tells a story with her paintings; one that will resonate with the viewer from their own viewpoint.

I am drawn to these mediums because they allow my best representation of the landscape with the brilliant pigments creating texture, light and mood in my paintings. My goal is to create works that draws the viewer in; allowing them to use their senses to experience the time of day, the warmth or coolness, the message of the painting – for themselves, to merely “get lost” in the work, experience it and make it their own. If that happens, then I have done my job.

Bonnie grew up in north central Montana on a ranch near the Missouri Breaks. Early on she experienced the rugged country, the big skies, the vegetation of this landscape mostly from the back of a horse. Memorable childhood vacations included trips to Glacier Park to enjoy the sharp contrasts of the landscape from central Montana. These trips continued through the years and painting some of the views of the park has been part of those experiences. Her parents were ranchers; her mother a talented visual artist; her father a musician. Art appreciation came early and studying the affects of light on the landscape and the colors were imprinted deep. She declared at an early age that she was an artist and that carried through along with a career in the medical arena until she began painting full time in the mid 1990’s.

Bonnie has studied with several instructors such as Lorenzo Chavez, Robert Moore, Ned Mueller and others in developing her work. She works mostly en plein air taking every opportunity to paint from life. “My work turned the proverbial corner once I started painting seriously from life. You learn to see better, to capture light accurately and express yourself differently when working from photo. I do studio work as well, often with the aid of plein air studies.”

The artist is a current resident of southwestern Idaho and spends significant time in MT and UT painting throughout the year. She participates in numerous plein air events in the western US, judges competitions and offers workshops in pastel techniques, both studio and plein air. Her work is represented by galleries in MT, ID, OR and WA. Collectors include corporate and private throughout the US, Canada and Australia. Bonnie’s work can be seen on her website Instagram – @bonniezahngriffith and her Facebook page Bonnie Griffith Landscape Artist.


Deborah Pepin

Morning Silence

I have always done some sort of art, starting in grammar school.  As life happens, I grew up, started a family and career and put all the art on hold.

In 1998 I got really sick and went undiagnosed until 2001.  Unable to work any longer, I finally got a diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis.  My professional career ended, and the kids were grown and out of the house.  I picked up a paint brush, took a class and I firmly believe that ART saved my life.

Today I create daily, with watercolor, pastels, pen and inks, alcohol based inks, acrylics, collage, oils and cold wax,  and my doodle work. I teach workshops in Alcohol Ink Pours, and Doodle Art.

I was born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley and love the opportunities that the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Central Coast and the deserts of California, have to offer for creation.


Jan Miller

It has been said that painting is a journey.  As artists, each of us is on a personal trek of expression.  I use my art to show my views and visual perspectives of the world.  I work in dry pastels, focusing on the beauty that is around us.  As an artist I hope to pass along the world of pastel painting through my art and teaching others through art classes.  I find it rewarding to be the first to introduce a beginner to pastels, and  both rewarding and challenging when I have the opportunity to work alongside the experienced painter.

When beginning a painting, I usually look for a concept to portray and then a mood of the painting is established.  I do think of paintings as a form of language.  It is a way to communicate that crosses over written or spoken words. It enters a visual understanding.  It is at this time that the viewer can perceive a story or a mood depending on interpretation.   Because of this, it is most rewarding when someone else makes a connection to one of my paintings.

As an artist, I have tried multiple mediums, but pastels have been my greatest enjoyment and challenge.  Pastels are so versatile that I am continually discovering new approaches to their use, application, and presentation.  Pastels have a never-ending variety of applications and it is stirring to discover a new aspect of the medium.  Artists such as Margot Schulzke, Anita Wolff, Richard McKinley, Waif Mullins, Alain Picard, and the late Bob Gerbracht have each been wonderful mentors.

It has been an honor to have my work judged and selected for awards by distinguished artists and judges of distinction, including the curators of art for the Crocker Art Museum (Sacramento, CA), Oakland Museum of California, and the Haggin Museum (Stockton, CA).

I am a member of Pastel Society of the West Coast, Pastel Society of Oregon, Placer Arts/Placer Artists League, and Sacramento Fine Arts/Northern California Arts (NCA).

Master Artist – Sacramento Fine Arts/NCA

Signature Artist – Pastel Society of the West Coast

Signature Artist, Sierra Pastel Society

My studio is located within the Packing Shed Studios in Newcastle, California.


Dug Waggoner

Market Day by Dug Waggoner

Early in his life Dug and his family recognized his ability to draw, color and create by any means necessary.

This Sacramento born, California native utilized his artistic skills that continued to follow him through to high school, where he was named staff artist for the school newspaper. Junior college continued the progression of his talent and paved the way to the intense environment at the California College of the Arts in Oakland, CA. Graduating with a BFA in Advertising Design opened the door to a 40 year career as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator in San Francisco bay area. During those productive years he employed all of his artists skills and tools to articulate a wide variety of projects. Today Dug paints in soft pastel but oil and watercolor are still drawn upon to implement his passion for creativity. The learning process continues.

Many years ago I fell in love with Pastel because of the speed and tactile feel of its drawing capabilities, the opaque coverage, the color brilliance and serendipity experimentation that gave a perfect voice for my work. There is an intimate connection between my fingertips, my mind, my design sense and my heart in addressing the painting surface. The rapid layering of color and textures throughout the painting process responds to my painting style of representational impressionism. I also love the speed and performance of watercolor. It has been a great teacher in making me both humble and enlightened. Mistakes and accidents are part of the watercolor process and if you let them happen the results are amazing. Because of my affinity for these two mediums I sometimes employ them together in a painting.

Dug is a Distinguished Pastelist member in the internationally recognized Pastel Society of the West Coast (PSWC). Early in 2014 his painting “55th @ Broadway” was awarded Best of Show at PSWC’s Membership Show. He has been selected in two successive years in Pastel Journal’s annual Pastel 100 award show, accepted in the Pastel Society of America’s 2013 & 2014 Enduring Brilliance at the National Arts Club in NYC and selected in the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) 2014 show at the Voce Gallery in Boston. Also in 2014 two of his paintings were accepted into PSWC’s Pastels USA 28th Annual International Open Exhibition Show in Morro Bay with his painting “Brace Yourself”winning the Terri Ford award. Two of his works were accepted into the 2015 IAPS Show for their convention in Albuquerque, NM. Those two paintings were also accepted into the 2015 PSWC’s Pastels USA 29th Annual International Open Exhibition with “Duck Landing” winning the University Arts award.


Francesca Droll

Sunset Over Creston by Francesca Droll

It’s an honor to be associated with PSWC and all it represents and provides for the pastel community. 

I’m primarily a plein air painter inspired by the landscapes of Montana, the west coast, and the southwest deserts. I relish in painting in the outdoors and feel more spiritually connected to the landscape being present in it. I also work in my studio, recreating larger works from my onsite studies as well as exploring a range of still life setups.

Pastels are my chosen medium. They allow me the ability to use bold flourishing strokes as well as subtle blending to convey mood and motion in the composition. Pastels encourage my exploration of vibrant and colorful expression. With my deep connection to landscapes, I’m endlessly inspired to discover and become familiar with the variations and nuances of the scenes before me.

Plein air painting informs my work with an accurate view of the natural world, much more so than painting from photographs. That’s why I put up with the weather, the bugs, the wind, and the inconvenience while painting on location. The sense of bliss I feel in viewing a scene bathed in light and shadow is what I hope to convey to the viewer. If a work of art can foster connectivity with the viewer, it becomes more than art, it becomes a captivating experience.

My background includes 35 years as a graphic designer running an intimate design studio, Abacus Graphics, with my husband and partner, John R. Webster. I just retired in 2022 and am looking forward to devoting much more time and energy to painting. We are located in Bigfork, Montana, on the northeast shore of Flathead Lake.


W. Truman Hosner

Laundry Day by W. Truman Hosner

W. Truman Hosner earned his BFA at Wayne State University in Detroit, following it with post-graduate work at the Center for Creative Studies where he eventually returned to teach. 

Before moving into fine art, as a nationally recognized illustrator he produced illustrations for brands such as Readers Digest, CBS-Fox Video and Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Truman then studied at the Scottsdale Artists School with Harley Brown and Dan Gerhartz.

Paintings by W Truman Hosner have been featured in national and international museum collections and exhibitions ranging from New York City…to California…to Canada…to France and Asia.

Painting from life, the integrity of Hosner’s art is never in question as he conveys through his works the evolving moods and dynamics that can be captured only through the art of plein air painting,

-Harry Goldson, Suttons Bay Galleries


Cynthia Riordan

Mother's Kiss by Cynthia Riordan
Safe in Her Arms by Cynthia Riordan

Cynthia is a California native who has lived in the Bay Area most of her life. She has felt compelled to respond to the beauty around since childhood and her artistic creations have taken many forms.  Today she works in oil and pastel.

Cynthia’s paintings have been in national juried shows at the Triton Museum,  Haggin Museum and Salmagundi Club in NYC.  She was awarded Best of Show at the 2016 Sierra Pastel Society’s International Exhibit and is a Signature Member of PSWC. Her landscapes are painted on site, en plein air, usually in one sitting. Her goal is to make each a statement of a moment in time, with nature providing the light, color and movement. She hopes each carry some of the excitement she felt while painting.

Cynthia’s portraits are done from life or in the studio using photographic reference and color studies.  Capturing her model’s likeness and a sense of the person are her primary objectives.

Cynthia is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara and has an MBA from Santa Clara University. She is the mother of three sons and lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband.


Jennifer Von Bergen

I am so glad to be part of PSWC! While I have always loved art, it wasn’t until 2019 that I discovered soft pastels. Prior to that my knowledge of pastels was limited to a dusty old box of broken Grumbackers stowed in the bottom of my “art drawer” as a child, that I had no idea how to use or appreciate. Fast forward several decades, and I discovered the wonder and joy of pastels! Now my dreams are filled with these colorful sticks and all the beauty they can create! 

I especially love to work en plein air, and capture bits of the splendor that dances before us each day. It may be in the way the cloud shadows skirt across the hills on a far horizon, or the rich golds of an open field, or my favorite, the earth bathed in pink as the sun slips away at the end of another day. I love that in connecting these pure pigments of pastel against a ready paper I can capture these moments of time!

When painting indoors nature and animals are often my subjects. I am lucky to live in Idaho now with so much inspiration around me, and also to be able to draw on my years growing up in California, or those raising our family in Alaska, for ideas. 


Karen Jones

Stormy by Karen Jones

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love to draw. Although before retiring I took a few college art classes, I am primarily a self-taught artist. I was born in Colorado and spent 48 years in Northern California before retiring and moving to the Arkansas Ozarks with my husband, Don. I soon joined local art groups and was reintroduced to pastel. Pastel soon became my passion and I focused on learning by attending workshops.

A few years after becoming a widow I decided it was time to return to California to be closer to family. I’m back in northern California not far from where I grew up. And before I arrived, I joined the Pastel Society of the West Coast. I am also a signature member of the Arkansas Pastel Society, a member of the Mid America Pastel Society, a member of the Pastel Society of Southern California, and a member of the Red Rock Pastel Society of Nevada as well as community art organizations.

Even as I start to experiment with technique and style, it is my love of nature and animals that continues to influence my art. I consider it an honor to serve as the Membership Director and in some way to contribute to this amazing organization.




Jean Myers is a fine artist in Southern California whose interest is in exploring light and color. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from Colorado State University and holds Signature Membership in the PSWC.  Jean’s creativity was nurtured growing up in Missouri with animals and nature in abundance. She spent her summers swimming in lakes and riding hours. Jean paints outdoors when she can and that is an ongoing pursuit that gives her great joy. She believes that there is nothing like standing in nature and observing beauty with great focus for several hours, because it changes one for the better.

Region covered: Southern California


Diane Breuer


Diane Sauble Breuer was born in Los Angeles, CA. She has lived and studied art in Brazil, India, and United States. Studies included private teachers, attending University of Art in Madras and the University of Art in Calcutta, Batik study at the artist’s colony, Cholamandal, outside of Madras, India as well as attending Fresno State where she first worked in pastel, which soon became her favorite medium.  

Along with pastels, Diane paints in oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen and ink, and clay. Awards include Best of Show, People’s Choice, and Pastel Society of the West Coast, many first, second, thirds and honorable mentions. Her art is in private collections across United States, Ireland, and India. Her artwork was used on the cover of the book titled “Alley cat at the Mercy of the Gods”.

Diane is a signature member of PSWC, ACA, and SWA. She served on the SWA and ACA board as publicity chair, newsletter chair, webmaster, vice president, and president. 

Diane owned the Fresno Art Hub, a fine art gallery and studio, where over 30 artists had their work on display. She taught classes for adults and children, had workshops by prestigious, award-winning artists from around the world and hosted events for Art of Life, Aquarius Aquarium, and the Jr League of Fresno. She hosted the Alliance of California Artists at her gallery where they held their monthly board and general meetings as well as art shows and workshops. Now retired, she spends more time creating artwork, painting with friends, travelling, and now serving as the PSWC webmaster.