PSWC is proud to offer many opportunities to socialize, volunteer, get critiqued, blog, and learn. We also have a wonderful scholarship program for high school seniors and college students enrolled in an art program.Here are some of our favorite programs. Contact us if you are interested in participating!

Art Critique Program

You have just finished your masterpiece. You LOVE it. You show it to your spouse, and they love it, too! This one is gallery worthy. The last stroke is in place, you step back and doubt sets in. Does it need more blue? Is it shaded enough? Should you just scrap it all and start again?

Self-critiquing is a mine field, but what every artist really needs is the good eye of another good artist. The PSWC Art Critique Service gives artists the chance to get constructive criticism from art experts. 

This service gives PSWC members a place where your artwork can be constructively critiqued by an artist for a small fee. If you are interested in a private professional art critique, some technical help, or just a bit of advice here is your chance to submit up to three images for one fee of $45. The process is easy. Simply fill out the form below, upload your images, pay the fee, and you can expect a written response in five days.

Art Scholarship

The Pastel Society of the West Coast is pleased to offer an Art Scholarship to be awarded to a current year graduating senior in high school, Junior College or up to a junior in a four year college or art school that is interested in the further study of art.

Please forward the PSWC Scholarship Application (in left column – pdf) to any interested students so that they may prepare to submit the form and pictures of their art work by the deadline of March 31st. This early date means we can get the information back to the winner before the end of the school term with perhaps a presentation if graduating from high school. PSWC would be honored to present such an award in person, if so desired and within our means to attend.

Scholarship Competition Annual Deadline: MARCH 3l

Who is eligible: Any graduating senior in high school, Junior College or up to a junior in a four year college or art school that is interested in the further study of art.

What: Any subject matter, any painted medium, no photography or electronic/digital art. While we are a representational society, we are open to receive more abstract work of high quality. Photos of your work should be forwarded to the Chairperson noted in the sidebar on the left along with the necessary letters of recommendation as required in our application.

Judging: Work will be judged by the PSWC Board members and the winner will be announced before the end of the school term.

For further questions, please email the PSWC Scholarship: Russell Frank

Regional Representative Program

Sharing our passion for pastels is why we exist! The Regional Representative Program was developed to encourage social and artist gatherings in all regions where PSWC members reside. We have members all over the whorls, and we encourage them to get together and paint. If you are interested in getting together, see the Regional Rep Page for more information. Interested in BECOMING a Regional Rep? Contact Karene Infranco here.


The PSWC publishes 4 magazines per year. Check out our issues here. Beginning in 2019 by subscription. The are opportunities to write for and appear in the Magazine. Please Contact Sabrina Hill of you are interested in either.


There are many volunteer opportunities at PSWC from working ibn the Magazine to assuming a Board position. Contact Sabrina Hill or Susan Goodmundson for more information on where we can fit you in!

Guest Blogger Program

Our monthly blog is written by members. Blogs must be related to making art with pastels, and should avoid direct selling or soliciting sales. Instructional blogs with photos are encouraged. Click here to submit your blog for consideration to be a guest blogger.

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