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Slideshow presented with art from Pastels USA 2019. See Show under Events

Fall is almost here and it’s time to enter our Online Membership Show. Go the Membership Show page here to see the prospectus and find out how to enter.


You don’t have to live on the West Coast to become a member! With PSWC members located around the United State and around the world, the Pastel Society of the West Coast offers a strong voice for expanding the presence of soft pastel as a major fine art painting medium.


PSWC was organized in 1984 to promote pastel artists and the soft pastel medium. Today, PSWC is the among most recognized of pastel societies.

Benefits of Membership

  • PSWC provides social media channels for pastel education, communication, and exposure for members.
  • PSWC sponsors two annual juried exhibitions: the PASTELS USA open exhibition to showcase award-winning pastel artwork to public venues and the MEMBERSHIP ONLINE SHOW
  • Our organization publishes the PSWC Magazine exclusively for members. Click here for the PSWC Magazines.
  • Pastelist Passion Store.
  • Artwork critique program with PSWC pastel masters.
  • Members Art Gallery page on the PSWC website.
  • PSWC sponsors an Art Scholarship for qualifying students interested in the further study of art.
  • Because PSWC is a member of IAPs, our members automatically become IAPS artist members and are eligible for IAPS juried exhibitions at prestigious galleries and on the web, as well as participation in the IAPS Convention at discount rates.

The Pastel Society of the West Coast is incorporated as a non-profit organization. The PSWC is run completely by volunteer Board Members. Endowments and bequests are welcome; please contact our President.

As a PSWC member, you are welcome to join our Facebook Group page and please follow us on Instagram as well!

Note: Artwork featured on the website is from artists who entered shows in 2018. Please see show art by clicking PASTELS USA 2018 or Membership Show 2018 to see titles and artists.

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