The syndicated column “The Wit Parade” by E.E. Kenyon contained this clever anecdote on March 13, 1955:

The absent-minded maestro was racing up New York’s Seventh Avenue to a rehearsal, when a stranger stopped him. “Pardon me,” he said, “can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?”

“Yes,” answered the maestro breathlessly. “Practice!”

It is the same with art. Here are workshops where you can learn techniques and practice the art of pastels!

Workshop Coordinator

Sheri Adams is our new Workshop Coordinator. Please contact Sabrina Hill to have your workshops listed.

Workshop & Class Submissions

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To register for workshops go to Events>Event Calendar and click on the workshop you want to attend win the calendar. HERE

On the Calendar…

Pastel Florals with Lyn Diefenbach – A virtual workshop
August 13-15 2021 – $300 Open to members and non members

The Floral Portrait – Building the Illusion of Reality 

Love Flowers? Enjoy painting? Combine the two passions and learn how to create pastels full of luminosity, dimensionality and light. Lyn will share her extensive knowledge of colour as well as provide you with the technical know-how to create the illusion of reality with pastel.

The building blocks of line, tone, colour and edge will be covered in depth to give you a rich understanding of these key areas. Lyn will provide information on pastels and pastel surfaces as well as application.

Enjoy clear, informative demonstrations and individual attention at your easel. You will use your own reference material so you can choose your own degree of difficulty or perhaps your favourite flower. Definitely creating the WOW FACTOR.

Prior to the workshop, all participants will be sent a free link to Lyn’s video “What Every Artist Needs to Know”. This is a short 45 minute session on the importance of the 4 fundamentals – line, value, color and edge. It’s an essential preparation for the workshop.

Register here for Lyn’s Class

Capturing the Light in Pastels
A virtual workshop with Susan Kuznitsky
4 sessions – 4 weeks: September 9, 16, 23, 30
Open to members and non-members $240

In this 4-week class Susan will show you how to begin with a strong underpainting using various techniques on sanded pastel paper. With weekly recorded demos you will see how to layer hard and soft pastels to get a beautiful glow. You will have the whole week between classes to review the demo and work on your project and get critiques at the next class.

Each class will also have a recorded power point presentation focusing on different aspects of color.

  • Color and Relativity – how color is influenced by what color is around it.
  • Painting ‘White’ – how to create colorful whites in your paintings.
  • Chroma – how to use the power of strong color without over doing it.
  • Complimentary Colors – how to use opposite colors to create visual interest.

These concepts will help take your work to the next level and can be applied to whatever other mediums you work in.

Register Here for Susan’s Class

The Wow Factor – Dynamic Design
A virtual workshop with Karen Israel
September 24-25, 2021
Open to members and non-members $200

Dynamic Composition is the foundation for a successful painting.

Are you an artist who interprets your photograph too literally? Are you an artist that has difficulty creating a design concept for your still life or figure when painting from life?

In this exciting 2 day workshop, the artist will discover the essential elements needed to create a dynamic design with subject matter of the artist’s choice.  

Through the use of handouts, a slide presentation, skill building exercises, and short demonstrations by Karen, the artist will develop a deeper understanding of dynamic design and will have greater confidence creating works from their own unique viewpoint.

Skill level: advanced beginners and above

11am-4pm EST with one half hour break

Register HERE for Karen’s class

The Power of Pastel
A virtual workshop with Christine Swann
October 8 & 9, 2021
Open to members and non-members $300

Thirds of the Head and the LAW of Light 
Friday, October 8 10am-4pm EST

Artists will build a portrait over 2 days using Christine’s 5 -layer approach.  Day One includes learning the system of finding a likeness quickly with the “Thirds of the Head” methodology. NO more remembering the “math” dividing up the head.  It doesn’t work- because we are all different. Then the afternoon will focus on Light- understanding it, seeing it and painting it. The LAW. The rules. Ever wonder if you have errors in your paintings from working from photos? Now you will absolutely know. This class will apply to any subject matter, but stress how light acts across the complex topography of the head. 

The POWER of Pastel 
Saturday, October 9 10am-4pm EST

Now to the good stuff. This class is about understanding the pastel medium. Learn Christine’s philosophy of “power.” Take control of this medium and master those dusty sticks. Know when to use which brands. Know which ones play nice with each other and which do not.  Is a stick a glider? A blender? Find out.  You will never look at your sticks the same way again after this class.  Color and control are the theme of the day. 

Register Here for Christine’s class

“Dancing with Stardust”
A virtual workshop with Terrilynn Dubreuil
October 16 & 17, 2021
$150 Open to members and non members

Pastel is the purest of all media and hence, in my imagination, closest to being Stardust.

In this workshop we will create distinctive color schemes using the spectrum color wheel for our personal artistic voice, our true essence in our paintings.   The concepts I share can be applied to any subject:  cityscape, landscape, figure or portrait, still life, or abstract.  The demonstrations will introduce some special ways of approaching color and composition.  Then through exercises and challenges, the workshop allows you, the participant, to experiment with these concepts and utilize customized color schemes to create a very personal expression in your paintings.

The workshop will move quickly so be prepared .. and have fun!

We are practicing concepts, not creating masterpieces.  (Although it could happen!)

Register Here for Terrilynn’s class

Ongoing Workshops

In addition to the specific workshops listed below, these members offer workshops on a regular basis. Please check out their workshop list on their websites.

Doug Dawson Workshops

For more info and dates, email Doug

Christine Debrosky, PSA Workshops

For latest workshops:

Alan FlattmannPSA Hall of Fame Workshops

Check Alan’s website at Or email,

Terri Ford Workshops

Visit: Private instruction by appointment.

Albert Handell Workshops

Albert is both PSWC Pastel Laureate™ and PSA Hall of Fame. Contact him at 505-983-8383, and ask for Virginia Stark, or write to P. O. Box 9070, Santa Fe, NM, 87504-9070, or go to the website at; or Please view his website to read about the new Paint-A-Long Mentoring Program.

W. Truman Hosner

Ongoing classes in Detroit Area and California. See website for additional information.

Nancie King Mertz, IAPS-MC & EP, PSA-MP, CPP-MP
Cityscapes and Correct Perspective:

Richard McKinley Workshops

This Pastel Laureate of the PSWC and excellent teacher can be reached at for workshops.

Alain J. Picard, PSA, IAPS MC

For information about Alain’s inspiring workshops visit 

Clark Mitchell

Pastel workshops:

Clark Mitchell is one of the top pastelists in California. He‘s been designated a Master Pastelist by the Pastel Society of America as well as a Distinguished Pastelist by the Pastel Society of the West Coast. Mitchell’s numerous awards include top prizes at the Laguna Plein Air Festival, the Carmel Arts Festival, and Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational.

Plein Air Workshops in Northern California
Take your outdoor painting skills to the next level during either of these fun and intensive day-long workshops.
Scene selection, sketching, values and color temperature discussed. Demos in pastel, all mediums welcome
 Held on Clark Mitchell’s wonderful and varied country property, from intimate garden scenes to distant vistas.
for more information: visit Clark’s website:

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