A View of the Winners

Commentary from Judge W. Truman Hosner

And now…the PASTELS USA 2020 Show

Award Winners

Daniel E. Greene Memorial Award: Best in Show

Portrait with Silver Mirror by Chengyi Song

Wakeham/Sutherland Award of Excellence

Rest Where You Are by Carol Peebles

Plein Air Magazine Award

We Look Up at the Same Stars (and See Such Different Things) by Michele Ashby

Robert and Patricia Suggs Award of Distinction

On the Windowsill by Elena Prudnikova

Dakota Arts Pastel Award

Beginnings by Sally Strand

PSWC Award of Merit

Time by Yang Zhao

Goodmundson Family Award

Hodgepodge by Corey Pitkin

Ruth Cabrera Art Award

Falling Light by Nancy O’Hara

Terry Ludwig Pastels Award

My Son by Yanqi Zhai

Waif Mullin Award

Sonoma Sill No.2 by Paula Phelps

Atlanta Paper Award I

The Artist by Candice Grieve

Atlantic Paper Award II

Middle Ford Afternoon by Diane Fechenbach

Jack Richeson Platinum Award

The Last Ride by Otto Sturcke

Jack Richeson Gold Award

Spheres 2 by BF Reed

Jack Richeson Silver Award

Textures of Home by Cindy Gillett

Pastel Society of America Award

Grandma Dachick by Fabang Pei

HK Holbein, Inc. Award

Social Isolation by Rita Romero

HK Holbein, Inc. Award

In Her Familiar Space by Jerry Boyd

Jack Richeson Bronze Award

Promenade by Jill Wagner

Jack Richeson Copper Award

The Bather by Susan Hong-Sammons

Pastel Society of New Mexico Award

Fiery Lights by Andrew McDermott

Pan Pastel Award

Sidelight by Vianna Szabo

Pastel Society of Connecticut Award

Abandonment by Robert Richey

Pat Aragon Award

Morning Nap by Karen Jones

Canson Art Award

Beginnings by Stan Bloomfield

Accepted Entries

All the Tea in China by Judy Albright
Valiant Devotion by Patricia Arbino
The Sketchbook Lesson by Barbara Archer-Baldwin
The Window Across the Street by Carol Arnold
Around the Bend by Willo Balfrey
On Point by Melissa Bartlett
Deadline Falls V2 by Phil Bates
Creek Walk by Britt Block
Jamala Coreopsis by Deborah Breedon
Venus Minuet by Evelyn Brody
Autumn Tidal Flats on the Chilkat River by Donna Catotti
Fifty Shades of Grey by Debra Cepeda
Sleeping Remi by Yu-Li Chang
The Boss by Billie Cochrum
Standing Faith by Lynda Conley
River Runs Through It by Patricia Connolly
Two’s Company by Pamela Cook
The Bridal Portrait by Mary DeBenveniste
E Non Ho Amato Mai Tanto La Vita by Elena Degenhardt
Waiting to Launch by David Denyse
April Showers Bring May Flowers by Garry Drake
Garment of Destiny by Kathe Drake
Anita Segelman by Merrilyn Duzy
Swift Waters by Janis Ellison
Study of Light by Kim Eshelman
Chinook on Blewett by Jen Evenhus
Grandpa’s Eyes by Marian Flahavin
The Chess Players by Alan Flattmann
Old Mill Casita by Terri Ford
The Basket by Jan Frank
Clouds Over Elburn by Ted Fuka
Hot Shot by Dina Gardner
“B” is for Boat by Irene Georgopoulou
One Fine Day in Yosemite by Marie Gonzales
Marg by Susan Goodmundson
A Moment of Peace by Alejandra Gos
Blue by Cory Goulet
Evening Commute by Morgan Green
Green Blankets 11AM by Jeri Greenberg
Untitled No. 1 by Rob Gregoretti
River Dance by Bonnie Griffith
Here Now by Susanna Griswold
Daughter by Chaowei Guo
Boogie Board Duo by Ellen Gust
Painting Myself by Carolyn Hancock
Legs by Marianne Harris
Barrel Cactus Still Life by Larry Hemmerich
Spring Dressed in Yellow by Deborah Henderson
Wrench by Joey Heuisler-Ward
Hit the Road Jack by Kathy Hildebrandt
Winter Run Drifters by Debee Holland-Olson
Her Coat of Many Colours by Lynn Howarth
Into the Mystic by Catherine Howe
Desert Design by Gary Huber
Along New Road by Karene Infranco
Time to Rest by Katherine Irish
Rock Creek by Mike Ishikawa
Kodachrome by Karen Israel
Primary Colors by Christine Ivers
Midas Touch 1 by Randye Jensen
Stairway To the Sky by Becky Johnson
Undampened Spirits by Janet Johnson
Dreaming of the Past by Ann Justin
The Three R’s by Betsy Kellum
Near Wagga by Fiona Kent
Leaving he Canyon by Kae Kinley
Martini on the Rocks by Tracy Klinesteker
Trees Company by aMike Kolasinski
Crystal Citrus by Cristine Kossow
Enduring by Allison Krajcik
Walk in the Garden by LaDonna Kruger
Dappled Summer by Susan Kuznitsky
Late Afternoon by Mitzi Lai
Breakfast with a Doll b y Anna Lapygina
Rain Bird by Margaret Larlham
Stuffed Olive by Sally Lebwohl
In the Limelight by Jeremy Mun Loong
Bill by Judith Leeds
Daylight Emptiness by TaiMeng Lim
Wheels by Matt Lister
Zack by Stephanie Long
The Gift of Time by Kim Lordier
The Rhyme of the Sea Return Boat by Fubao Ma
Silence by Nancy MacDonald
End of Dinner by Yael Maimon
Before it Snows by Joe Mancuso
Games We Play by Renee Marz Mullis
Grand Dane by Jory Mason
Moments by Nadine McCluskey
Broadway 2310 by Evalynne McDougall
Arran by Claire McFarlane
Divide on Division by Nancie King MERTZ
Cast Your Net Wide by Jan Miller
Last Paddle of the Season by Clark Mitchell
The Fishmonger by Christine Mulcahey
On The Fence by Maryann Mullett
Waiting Patiently by Carol,Murphy
Hearts Afire by Linda Mutti
Rock Creek,Winter 5 by Barbara Newton
Hidden Streams by Nancy Nowak
Cody by Christine Obers
Water Break by Debbie Patrick
Auspicious Clouds by Fubang Pei
Road to Carol’s by Deborah Pepin
Coil by John Plishka
Cast Shadows by Laura Pollak
Slow Dance by Peggy Post
Olympic Moment by Jayne Quig
Contentment by Elizabeth Rhodes
Miss Ivy by Lisa Rico
Hope Eternal by Darcie Roberts
Evelyn by Peggy Rose
A Cast of Shadows by Bob Russin
Footpath by Teresa Rizzo
Violin Case by Silja Salmistu
Morning Gossip by Tamra Sanchez
Sunset Serenity by Ann Sanders
Felicias Virgin BlackBerry by Dolores Saul
Wilding Warrior by William Schneider
Lockdown Nights Selfie by Kate Scott
Easy by Dawn Secord
The Girl Who Loved Yellow by Deborah Shea
A Pleasant Afternoon by Hongquan Shen
Touch of Gold by Julie Skoda
Wading Through the Puddles by LaVone Sterling
Lingering by Susan Story
Just Swell by Patricia Sueme
Rainbow Wave by Terri Taber
Deadman’s Hand by Nori Thorne
Midwinter Afternoon by Katrina Thorstensen
Prairie Mother-Elder Duguima by Kai Tian
The Gift Box by Marie Tippets
Awakening of Nature by Christine Troyer
Sunlit Falls by Doug Tweddale
Toward Morning by Dug Waggoner
I am No Bird and No Net Ensnares Me by Daggi Wallace
Fulpati by Juan Wang
Breaking by Bobbye West-Thompson
Winter Patterns by Sharon Will
Golden Hills 9 by David Wolfram
They’re Calling for Sun by Kimberly Wurster
Female Teacher by Chenxiang Xu
Pray for Blessings by Tuo Yu
The Taste of Sunshine by Qingquan Zhang
Car No. 13 by Anni Zhu

The End!