Every year, PSWC holds the Members Only Online Show (MOOS). The accepted paintings are divided into two categories – general members and signature/distinguished pastelists/pastel laureate members. We are thrilled that this year, 193 artists submitted almost 600 painting for consideration. Our esteemed judge, Gwenneth Barth-White had the difficult, but enjoyable task of narrowing these entries to the 129 you see here. Special Thanks to our MOOS Chairman Dug Waggoner for the outstanding job he has done coordinating all the details that are required to put together this show. He even designed our show logo of Bessie the Bovine!

About Gwenneth Barth-White

Gwenneth Barth-White in her studio

American-born Swiss international artist Gwenneth Barth-White is a Maître Pastelliste and Vice-President of the 150-year-old Société des Pastellistes de France; she’s a Master Pastelist of the Pastel Society of America, a member of the IAPS Master Circle, and has been a juror for all of these societies. Her work has been exhibited in Geneva, Gstaad, New York, Toronto, Paris, and in many French and American venues. Gwenneth has lived and worked most of her life in Geneva, Switzerland, having moved there when she was a child. After advanced music studies, she attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts and graduated from the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs. Currently the artist lives in South-West Florida.

With easy access to Europe’s museums, Gwenneth’s early fascination for painting led her to study the ancient techniques and methods of the old masters in depth, and with the encouragement of the American master, Joseph Bowler, she became well known as a portraitist. The beauty and intimacy of the human figure has been the main focus of her work for many years, with still-lifes and landscapes an extra joy. Gwenneth’s work is in collections world-wide, from the U.S.A. and Scandinavia, to the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia. Her client list includes leaders of industry, government and diplomacy. Among her more well-known clients are the Sultan of Brunei and his Queen,  the entire family of former Saudi Oil Minister Sheik Yamani, and the founders of one of America’s most beautiful museums of contemporary art, the Crosby Kempers. Her work is in Geneva’s Patek Philippe Museum, and has been shown seasonally at the Butler Institute of American Art. Gwenneth’s awards include the International Association of Pastel Society’s top ‘Prix de Pastel’,  and first place for portrait and figure in the Pastel Journal’s best 100 paintings competition. The artist’s work has been featured in several international magazines and publications, most recently in the ‘Artists Magazine’ and the French ‘Pratique des Arts’.

A passionate teacher, Gwenneth conducts specialized workshops from France to North America. Her step-by-step portrait-in-pastel DVD is marketed world-wide.

And now the Show!

Signature, Distinguished Pastelist, and Pastels Laureate Awards

Best in Show 1

Tumbling by Stan Bloomfield 16×21

Best in Show 2

Grand View by Nancie King Mertz 15×18

First Place

Dusk Sandscape by Terri Ford 16×20

Second Place

Intricately Interwoven by Kim Lordier 16×24

Third Place

Immersed in Autumn by Heidi Reeves 12×12

Honorable Mention

Spacious Sky by Teresa Ruzzo 9×24

General Membership Awards

Best in Show

Bennybeg Farm by Tony Allain 19.5×20.5

First Place

Patrick’s Point,  Standing Guard by Patricia Prescott-Sueme 14×14

Second Place

Carmel Coastline by Jennifer Blackburn 11×14

Third Place

4 am Comforts of Home by Cindy Gillett 12×16

Honorable MentionEdy Unthank Memorial Award

Framed Light by Carol Strock Wasson

All Accepted Entries

Reflections by Shirley Anderson 16×12
Change in Weather by Pat Stoddard Aragon 16×23
Madame Traveler by Mary Aslin 24×23
Intertwined by Willo Balfrey 20×16
Still Waters by Bobbie Belvel 16×20
January Dawn by Britt Block. 20×22
A Closer Look by Kathryn Boggs 12×12
Blessed are the Meek by Gerald Boyd 14×14
River View Park Stroll by Deborah Breedon 11×14
Joie de Vivre by Gina Carstens 26.3×19.6
High Sierra Winter Blues by Donna Catotti. 19×13
A Clear and Present Danger by Debra Cepeda 20×30
Mutual Comfort by Lauren Chan. 12×16
Tuscan View by Lynda Connelly 20×16
Dry Creek by Patricia Connelly 9×12
Winter Chamisa by Elizabeth Cooper 9×12
Wisdom Keeper by Sidnee Cox 20×14.75
Reflections in Orange by Jay DeChesere 13×9
Sunset Sparkle by Francesca Droll 30×12
A Gift from Nicole by Donna Dutra

Can’t Believe by Merrilyn Duzy 22×18

Little Iron Creek 1 by Jeannie Fine 12×16
Wedding Centerpiece by Robin Fourie 9×12
Bowl Dance by Pamela Fox 18×24
W is for Windmill by Irene Georgopoulou 14×11
Yosemite Sisters by Marie Gonzales 20×16
I’m Thinking’ How it Was by Susan Goodmundson 24×18
Made in the Shade by Alejandra Gos 12×12
It’s So Raw by Cory Goulet 18×24
Willow Winter by Morgan Green 11×14
Plethora of Pears by Jeri Greenberg 16×14
The Pond at China Ranch by Scott Griffiths 16×28
Green Stripe Suit by Ellen Gust 7×5
Fall Splendor in the Garden by Paul Harmon 18×12
Pond Patterns by Carolyn Hartling 11×15
Autumn Light on Stately Firs by Dotty Hawthorne 16×12
After Desert Rains by Larry Hemmerich 24×18
Along the Tracks by Deborah Henderson 9×12
Sunkissed by Steven Hippler 11×14
Going Retro by Karen Horne 24×13
On the Rocks by Catherine Howe 9×12
Sunset Verve by Katherine Irish 24×18
Yachts at Home by Mike Ishikawa 12×18
Gracious Living by Karen Israel 14×14
The Spirits of Christmas Present by Christine Ivers 16×28
For the Birds by Randye Jensen 12×12
Shopping for Christmas Dinner by Becky Johnson 7.5×9.5
Nearing Pt. Reyes Station by Lucinda Johnson 9×12
Blessings from Above by Virginia Kamhi 11×14
Peru Bar by Deepali Kapatkar 12×9
Bosc Trio by Betsy Kellum 14×18
Purrball by Rita Kirkman 5×4
Bali by Susan Kuznitsky 16×20
The First Wave by Carmen Lamp 21×27
Desert Wash by Margaret Larlham 12×16
Piring Plate by Jeremy Lee 18×18
We Will Always Have The Moon by Shuk Lee 14×21.5
A Bit of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down by Judith Leeds. 22×13.5
Springs Kiss 1 by Suzanne Leslie 10×10
Persevered Bloom by TaiMeng Lim 12.5×11.5
ZigZag by Sandy Lindblad. 14×11
Getting Fresh Air by Yael Maimon 16.5×20
Napa Wildfire by Karen Manson 18×24
Anticipation by Renee Marz Mullis 12×16
Happy Days by Glen Maxion 25×19
Getting Drenched by Andrew McDermott 5.5×16.5
Random Beauty by Eveline Miller 9×12
Wayfarer by Jan Miller 12×16
Chard Amongst the Roses by Karen Miller 16×12
Inside Looking Out by Maryann Mullett 19.5×14.5
Got Treats? by Jean Myers 18×24
Back Road by Barbara Newton 13×12.5
Littles by Christine Obers 10×8
Sunset Over Boot Ranch by Suzanne Owens 8×10
Art of Imagination by Ugo Paradiso 16×20
Socially Distant by Debbie Patrick 20×14
Wisdom Tree by Sam Pearson 26×40
Slices by Denice Peters 6×6
Forest Dance by Sandra Place 9×11
Behind the Curve by Laura Pollak 20×18
Emerging by Peggy Post 12×16
Edgewood Memories by Jan Prisco 11×14
It’s Always Sunny by BF Reed 27×19
Lovely Lavender by Barbara Reich 9×12
A Pause in the Sun by Judy Richardson 12×12
I am the Dream by Lisa Rico 16×12
Inside Curve by Jane Robbins 18×24
In the Shadows by Darcie Roberts. 20×16
Pond Musings by Letitia Roller 14×20
Life’s Fragile Flame by Rita Romero 18×18
Her Story by Cheri Saffro 15×12
Lavender Field by Tamra Sanchez. 19×25
My Other Life by William Schneider 24×18
Light on the Lake byDenise Schryver 9×12
Saltwater Solution by Kate Scott 16×11
Fall Riot by Deborah Shea 16×12
Under Her Golden Wagasa by Lynn Simon 14×11
Flower Child by Julie Skoda 20×16
Favorite Fishing Creek by Donna Solin 8.5×11.5
Casey the Dog by LaVone Sterling 20×12
Devil’s Punch Bowl by Sarah St. George 20×12
Cox Comb and Still Life by Diane Stolz 19×25
Mirror, Mirror by Jill Storey 9×12
Golden Delicious by Susan Story 22×29
Russet Glow by SJ Swinyard 8×10
Harbor Light by Vianna Szabo 8×10
Springtime Splendor by Terri Taber 12×16
Emanate by Carol Talley 9×6
Gathering Ranunculus by Marie Tippets 18×12
Shine On by Christine Troyer 9×12
Anini Adapting by Helen Turner 19×23
Between Hope and Despair by Jim Tyler 8×10
Toward Morning by Dug Waggoner 14×18
Fall Where They May by Robert Walker 28×24
When I Am Silenced, Can You Not Still Hear My Screams III by Daggi Wallace 8×8
A Peaceful Place by Bobbye West-Thompson 16×12
Yosemite Reflections by Patricia Westman 9×11.5
Campfire Tales by Sharon Will 18×12
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