Thank you to all those members who enter the MOOS 2023. We are so grateful for our judge, Susan Kuznitsky  and our show chairman, Dug Waggoner for all the hard work they put in. Special thanks to Austin Hamby at for his tireless work getting everything ready for judging!

Best In Show

Antero Spring by Stan Bloomfield

First Place

Morning Moon by Terri Ford

Second Place

Embracing the Light by Laura Pollak

Third Place

Honeycrisp by Marie Tibbetts
Honorable Mention
Tools of the Trade by Cindy Gillett

Best of Show

Browsing by Bithia Bjurman
First Place
Cincinnati Landmarks by Francis Huffman
Cincinnati Landmarks by Francis Huffman
Second Place
Moonlight on the Tracks by Carol Strock Wasson
Third Place
Shadows Cast and Formed by Sarah Rose
Honorable Mention
Clinging to the Day by Larry Hemmerich


Monsoon Season by Tony Allain
The Extrovert by Patti Arbino
Light of Discernment by Mary Aslin
Blue Bowl Brown Eggs by Barbara Archer Baldwin
I Think It’s Raining. I do. by Gerald Boyd
Footpath by Marie Gonzales
Old Dunes by Morgan Green
Fenceline by Bonnie Griffith
Woman in Yellow Hat by Ellen Gust
White House at the Coast by Albert Handell
Over Hills and Valleys by Dottie Hawthorne
Last Rose of Summer by Deborah Henderson
Season’s Greetings by Karen Israel
Cayucos Pier Sundown by Virginia Kamhi
A Day in St Petersburg by Shuk Susan Lee
I Will Overcome by Judith Leeds
Connected Aloneness by Tai Meng Lim
Dodge Love by Stephanie Rose Long
Broadway 2310 by Evalynne McDougall
Thoughts of You by September McGee
Light in Rouen by Nancie King Mertz
Evening Glow by Evelyn Miller
The Invitation by Jan Miller
La Catrina by Judy Miller
November Reflections by Karen Miller
Venerable Oak by Clark Mitchell
For the Love of Bees by Maryann Mullett
Summer Peaches by Carol Murphy
High Desert Beauty by Linda Mutti
Wild Cherries by Barbara Newton
Hope the Rescue Horse by Christine Obers
I Don’t Fetch by Debbie Patrick
Afternoon Near Camp by Erika Perloff
Endurance by Sandra Place
Storm Waves by Peggy Post
Sphere With Small Bowl by BF Reed
Summer Splendor by Heidi Reeves
Bird Refuge by Ann Sanders
Anna’s Slice of Life by Otto Sturcke
Remembrance by Vianna Szabo
Olive Branches by Terri Taber
The Way Through by Carol Talley
La Flamenca by Nori Thorne
Ohioan Dry Season by Helen Turner
Song of the Siren Jim Tyler
New Orleans Sunset by Dug Waggoner
September in Yellowstone by David Will
Laid to Rest by Sharon Will
Varied Thrush, Moss, and Maple by Kimberly Wurster


Dwell In The Moment by Robin Angelides
September Splendor by Marcia Ballowe
Painting With A Secret Name #2 by Britt Block
Perfect Ending by Joan Brewster
White House Memories by Vicki Brink
Sundown On The Ridge by Stephanie Brown
Honeysuckle by Gina Carstens
Sunset Stroll on Crescent Beach by Donna Catotti
The Three Musketeers by Laura Chan
Sunshine of Jerusalem by JoMei Chou
Mom’s Hill by Pamela Comfort
Queen Lily by Laetitia Comps-Agrar
Fran by Molly Ann Cooley
African Grey Crowned Cranes Getting Acquainted by Mary Constantino
Patience by Sidnee Cox
Shining Through by Jane Ditri
Bedside Angel by Donna Dutra
Beyond Still Waters ll by Laura Fouts
The Harvest Gleaning Murder by Karen Glancy
Open by Jeri Greenberg
Lili by Masoud Habibyan
Melrose Morning by Patti Hagan
Cat In Light by Kelly Hine
The Curious Ones by Nancy Hull
The Backside of Chair #3 by Mike Ishikawa
High Sierra Autumn Glow by Lucinda Johnson
Grand Canyon Dusk by Kenneth Keith
Celestial Exclamation by Lynda Kravitz
Across the Plains by Anne Kullaf
Montmorillon Sunrise by LouCinda Laughlin
Coffee And Tea Cafe by Kim Long
Goat Fell, Arran by Clair McFarlane
Morning Walk on Woodchuck by Mary McInnis
Water Reflections by Catherine McKeever
Bailey by Kathie Miller
Ghost by Nancy Paine
A Children’s Journey by Ugo Paradiso
Morning’s Glory by Deborah Pepin
My Emuse by Tashia Peterman
Memories For Sale by Denice Peters
Shifting Realities by Wendy Peterson
Last Glow by Patricia Pendergast
Wolly Warrior by Janet Rawlings
Just A Shower by Natalie Richards
Marmalade Skies by Darcie Roberts
Sandbanks by Lorraine Roberts
Coming Or Going by Letitia Roller
The Pack by Cheri Saffro
Monet’s Garden Robin Samiljan
Red Lanterns by Tamra Sanchez
Sway by Deborah Shea
Hot Cocoa by John Sherri
Garden Dreamers by Teri Sloat
Open Wide Everlasting Doors by Frederick Somers
Wired by Anne Spivey
Dust Dry Orange Road by Teresa Steinback-Garcia
The Art and the Deal by Jill Storey
First Daughter by Caryn Stromberg
Ocean Spray On The Rocks by Rachel Sylvers
Gateway by Harley Talkington
Caribbean Wreck by Viviane Trubey
Black Tie Affair by Leslie Trujillo-Batts
Beneath by Denise Vitollo
Last Rays by Jill Wagner
Moonrise in December 2 by Bobbye West-Thompson
Aloe Broomii by Elizabeth White
Cloud Shadow by Christina Williams
Prisoner Rock by Marianne Woosley
Grand Daughter Wearing Pearl Earrings by Cheery Young