Starts October 16, 2022 and ends October 26, 2022 at midnight. Ten paintings in ten days! We will have three $100 prizes, drawn from qualified painters (painters must post EVERYDAY to be entered to win) at the end of10 days. This challenge is to help you stretch those painting muscles, not to judge or critique you.

Here are the rules:

  • Members Only
  • Any subject
  • Any size – though we recommend 6”x6” to 9”x12” for the sake of speed
  • Mostly pastels
  • Must post every day to be entered into prize-drawing
  • Quick studies are OK
  • New work only

Posting Rules:

  • Please post on our PSWC FACEBOOK Page with a commentary about the painting (a paragraph is plenty). We would prefer you post on our PSWC FACEBOOK page; however, you may post on Instagram as long as you let us know when you register AND you use the hashtag #PSWC10in10.
  • Include Hashtag at end of post #PSWC10in10
  • You may comment on other artists’ paintings, but this is not a critique. No negative comments.

Suggestions for process:

  • Limit painting time- We suggest 30-45 minutes.
  • Limit palette- Try a limited palette. Experiment with temperature and hue
  • Try different pastels- Work with hard instead of soft or soft pastels instead of hard. Try pastel pencils.
  • Change subject matter- If you paint plein air, try a still life or a portrait. Try Abstract.
  • Experiment with underpainting- Try a wet underpainting with water or denatured alcohol. One artist in our society underpaints with splashes of ink.

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