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Gerald Boyd, PSWC-DP

In the Beginning

Gerald Boyd painting
Gerald Boyd, artist

Gerald Boyd became interested in art as a career when, as a schoolboy, he won a statewide contest in Oregon for a pencil portrait of his grandfather. By his mid teens, he began using pastels and with the limited set he owned, gained some notoriety for portraits of fellow classmates and the principal of his high school in the San Fernando Valley. Upon graduation, Jerry secured a position as an apprentice pictorial artist with a billboard company in Los Angeles and, for five years, was sent to private fine art classes with an academic teacher one evening a week. He also took classes in art two nights a week at a trade school in L.A.

Family at the Black Rodeo, pastel by Gerald Boyd
Family at the Black Rodeo, pastel


Gerald spent 42 years painting giant advertisements in oil, but continued his own painting in both oil, watercolor, and pastel in his off hours and weekends. Beginning in 1983, he became more involved with the local art club and has done demonstrations, mostly in portrait painting, to over 100 such societies. He began entering exhibitions and by 1987 he had earned Signature status with the Pastel Society of the West Coast and also the Society of Western Artists in San Francisco.

Awards and Disciplines

The Student, pastel by Gerald Boyd
The Student, pastel

Since retiring in 2003 and building a studio in his backyard, Jerry has taught classes and workshops, judged dozens of art shows both large and small, and served ten years on the board of the Pastel Society of the West Coast, eight as Chairman of Pastels USA. He has also served as shipping agent for Pastels USA since 2006. In 2009, Gerald earned the “Distinguished Pastellist” status with PSWC and in 2011 gained Signature status with the Pastel Society of America.