Pastels USA 2021 will be the35th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL OPEN EXHIBITION by the Pastel Society of the West Coast. Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, this year will be an “on-line” exhibition. All accepted artists will have their paintings displayed in our catalog and on our website, and be published in PSWC Magazine

At PSWC we recognize that art has many voices. Pastels USA – 99 Voices! – will jury just 99 works of art into our exhibition, 33 works into each of 3 categories of specialty. The categories will be:  

UltraModern and Experimental

Contemporary Realism

Contemporary Impressionism (which will include plein air)

Each entrant must select the Category of Submission for their entries. Up to 5 entries total allowed. While an artist may enter into more than 1 category, any particular induvidual-painting may be entered into only 1 of the 3 categories. 


We will have one juror (overall) for awards, and 3 jurors of expertise, one appropriate to each category. The category judges will separately jury into the exhibition 33 works of art each – respective to the entries in their specialty and will nominate 3 of the 33 as potentials for 1st place in their category. That will create a top field of 9 works of art

From that field of 9 our distinguished juror of awards will choose one work as Best in Show, and a first place specific to each of the 3 categories followed by the remaining awards of recognition placed throughout the entire field of accepted entries. All jurying will be by content, not by authorship. 

Our judge for the show is Mr. Jean Stern, Director Emeritus of the Irvine Museum of California Impressionism

Ultra-Modern and Experimental – Sylvie Fauvel-Cabal, Juror of Selection 

Contemporary Realism – Wende Caporale, Juror of Selection 

Contemporary Impressionism (includes plein air) – Alan Flattmann, Juror of Selection 

Only 33 entries will be accepted into each of the three categories. You can find the Prospectus below

Please watch the video to hear Museum Liaison and Board Member W. Truman Hosner explain this further.

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