PSWC has two categories of judging for this show.  General Membership & Signature/Distinguished Pastelist
will be judged separately.

Exhibition Details 

This Members Only Online Show allows you to enter your best work without the expense of framing and shipping. General members earn one point toward PSWC’s Signature Status by receiving a Place Award. Accepted artists will be showcased on our website.  The accepted artists will also be featured in our fabulous digital publication the PSWC Magazine on our website where you can also purchase a hard copy. Award winning works will be shown on PSWC’s Facebook page and an E-blast will announce the Award winners and accepted paintings to all PSWC members. 


Our acceptance Juror and Judge of awards is: Sally Strand, IAPS-MC/EP, PSA-MP/HFH, PSWC-MP. This PSWC Members Only Online Show has 2 categories for acceptance and judging. General members will be judged separately from the Signature/DP members. 

Calendar of Events 

Open for entries: November 16, 2023
Deadline: January 31, 2024 – 12 AM PDST
Judging begins on February 12, 2024
Notifications sent on or after February 20, 2024
PSWC MOOS goes online after March 1, 2024


Open to all current members over the age of 18 years. Dues for 2024 must be paid by the deadline – January 31, 2024 in order for entries to be judged. It’s very easy to become a member of PSWC just by going to our website and clicking on Membership Info at the top of the home page. 

Dry Pastels Only – 80% of the top layer of the painting entered must be dry pastel. Composition of work may NOT be taken from published work such as photos from magazines or professional photographer’s prints or digital images, from friend’s resource or prints of other artists. If photo reference is used it must be from your own photos. PSWC does not condone the use of optical projection. Student or workshop work produced under supervision is NOT eligible. Painting must be done within the last three (3) years. Work may not have been accepted into any previous PSWC exhibit. Work may only be submitted by the artist entering the show and not by a collector or owner of commissioned work. 

Fees Jury Fees are Nonrefundable
You may enter a total of FIVE images at $15 each, however no more than ONE painting will be accepted into the PSWC MOOS. You may pay online with a valid credit card. For a submission to be accepted, PSWC membership and entry fees must be paid by the entry deadline of January 31, 2024.  Over-payment of any fee will be considered a donation to PSWC’s Scholarship Fund.

Sales Paintings do not need to be for sale to be entered into the PSWC MOOS. 

No more than one (1) painting per artist will be accepted into the exhibition.

Membership Status for PSWC

General Members: Those who have paid their 2024 membership fee

Signature Status: Awarded for acceptance into 3 Pastels USA Exhibits, or 2 Pastels USA’s and a Place Award (Best of Show, 1st place, 2nd place, or 3rd place) in MOOS

Distinguished Pastelist (DP): Awarded to members who receive awards in three Pastels USA Exhibits within a continuous five-year period. 

Both the Signature Status and DP Status must maintain continuous membership. 


All accepted works and award winners will be displayed on the PSWC website:, ShowSubmit website:, and on our PSWC Facebook page and PSWC’s E-blast to all members. Failure to meet any of the requirements for eligibility will result in the work not being juried. Work that is considered offensive by PSWC standards will not be accepted. 


Entering Your Images

Enter here.

You no longer need to resize or rename your image files. You can upload your cropped, ‘hi-res’ or original image files. If using your mobile or tablet device, please use the ‘Actual Size’ or largest available. ShowSubmit will handle the file resizing and renaming based on the show specifications (300 dpi and 1500 pixels on the longest edge is the default if not specified).

If you have already resized your images to a specific show specifications, they will work as is and are ready to be uploaded. 

If your images are smaller than the required minimum, ShowSubmit cannot ‘upsize’ your images. They will be saved as is. It is recommended that you choose larger images to upload. 

We never compress or change the quality of the image. ShowSubmit only resizes the image. 

All images must be high quality jpeg (.jpg) image files. Set your camera to the highest possible quality image, use good lighting on your painting without any glass in front of it, and use a tripod for your camera. Once the photo is taken, you must crop out all parts of the photo that are not the actual painting; do not show mat, frame, etc., only the painting itself. 

PSWC CONTACT: Dug Waggoner, 2023 MOOS Chair –