Membership Online Show 2012 – 2017

Our featured painting is the 2014 PASTELS USA BEST OF SHOW “Morro Strand” by Diann Johnston.

Membership Show 2017 Awards:


Best of Show        Diana De Santis 

First Place           Daggi Wallace

Second Place       Ann Sanders

Third Place         Gerald Boyd

Merit Award        Ellen Gust


Best of Show         Cindy Gillett 

First Place             Anna Wainright

Second Place        David Lazarony

Third Place          Christina Karras

Merit Award        Diane Mann


Membership Show 2016 Awards

Best of Show         Stan Bloomfield


First Place              Kathryn Hall

Second Place        Jennifer Evenhus

Third Place           Linda Mutt

Merit Award        Dug Waggoner


First Place             Becky Johnson

Second Place        Jane Radstrom

Third Place          Daggi Wallace

Merit Award         Tai Meng Lim

Membership Show 2015 Awards

Best of Show        Christine Obers


First Place              Vianna Szabo

Second Place        Diana De Santis

Third Place            Barbara Benedetti Newton

Merit Award        Debbie Patrick

Merit Award       Sharon Will


First Place             Aaron Schuerr

Second Place        Stan Bloomfield

Third Place           Marianne Harris

Merit Award       Daggie Wallace

Merit Award       Lynn Simon

Membership Show 2014 Awards:

Best of Show       Dug Waggoner


First Place            Clark Mitchell

Second Place       Kathryn Hall

Third Place          Gerald Boyd


First Place             Gary Huber

Second Place        Esther Engelman

Third Place           Bobbie Belvel


Pat Suggs | Tina Moore | Judy Miller | Jan Thomas | Helen Scheel

Membership Show 2012 Awards:

Best of Show          Ruth Hussey


First Place              Tina Moore

Second Place         Margot Schulzke

Third Place            Gerald Boyd


First Place              Jan Y. Miller

Second Place         Morgan Green

Third Place           Cynthia Riordan


Janet Patterson | Willo Balfrey | Gary Huber | Jan Thomas | Bonnie Zahn Griffith

Judge and Jurors Selected for PASTELS USA 2019 Haggin Museum!

By Gerald Boyd, Chairman of PASTELS USA 2019.

Our 33rd Pastels USA exhibition is set for next May at the Haggin Museum, and we have secured a commitment from three artist/judges as the “Jury of Selection”. The Awards Judge will be Dawn Emerson of Terrebonne, Oregon.

The Jurors of Selection will be: Debora L. Stewart of Clinton, Iowa, Gary Huber of Buffalo, Wyoming, and William Truman Hosner who lives in Ferndale, Michigan.

Dawn Emerson

Dawn Emerson won our Pastels USA Best of Show in 1997 with a painting called “Horses” (a recurring theme in her paintings) She has authored a book called “Pastel Innovations”.



Debora Stewart


Debora L. Stewart does beautiful abstract and very impressionistic works, and I thought it would be refreshing to have a Juror of Selection with a different vision and direction than the majority of us.


Gary Huber

Gary Huber is a landscape painter who was one of the artists featured in our magazine/show catalog at this year’s exhibition.




W. Truman Hosner
W. Truman Hosner

William Truman Hosner is a familiar name to most of us as not only a high profile nationally known artist who is equally adept at portrait/figure and landscape works, but has supported our shows consistently. William was our first three-time Pastels USA Best of Show winner.



Allow me to highlight two new rules for the upcoming show which you will note when you read the prospectus.

For those of us who work most often from photos, we will require the artist to have taken their reference photos themselves. Many societies such as PSA are going that direction and the reasoning is that the artist experiences the subject for themselves and composes what they want to emphasize in the viewfinder or screen of the camera. There are “copyright-free” photo sites where you can purchase essentially professional quality photos for reference. While this, like many other rules, is dependent on the honesty of the artist, it is overall a good idea to use this practice so that you may enter your piece in any exhibition with a clear conscience.

The second rule is “less”, rather than “more” restrictive. The age of a painting has always been an issue for most societies and so we are expanding from a maximum age of two years to three years for a painting. This will help with those who can’t enter the same painting in overlapping shows or who get worthy paintings eliminated by our “one painting per artist” rule in Pastels USA. Two years from when you do a painting goes by awfully quickly it seems.

PSWC Art Scholarship Winner 2018 Paige Baldwinson

by Russell Frank

_Maybe Not_ by Paige Baldwinson
Maybe Not… by Paige Baldwinson

We are pleased to announce our 2018 Scholarship winner. We had numerous very talented school aged artists submit their applications. The decision for the PSWC Board of Directors was very difficult.  The balloting did come to a definite consensus of whom our scholarship should be awarded to for this year. Paige Baldwinson is our scholarship winner.

Paige is currently a high school senior and is attending Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose, California. She stated that she is carrying an exceptional 3.94 grade point average and has been on the honor roll all four years. She informed me that she intends to pursue a degree in fine arts and then obtain employment utilizing her art education. Paige plans to attend University of California at Santa Barbara’s art college. She is a wonderful addition to our successful graduates who have won our scholarship competition in previous years.

Her extracurricular activities include participation in the Cal North Olympic Development Soccer Program, Varsity Soccer at Archbishop Mitty High School and Competitive Club Soccer traveling team for eight years. She was involved with a Habitat for Humanity Home Building Project, tutoring children in South San Jose, and at Full Circle Farm providing food for the needy. She has also taken art classes including a UCLA Summer Art Program and summer art programs at her high schools in 2013 and 2014.

She stated that “For as long as I have been drawing seriously, I have been interested in drawing people.  I was initially drawn to portraits because of my fascination for the human face….what began as a hobby has now turned into a driving passion that I hope to develop into a career. I am interested in realism and constantly improving my accuracy and proportions over time.” She works mainly in charcoal and pastel.

The board wants to thank Sabrina Hill, a PSWC board member, for contacting Paige’s art instructor, Sandra Jones, and informing her of this scholarship opportunity. A special thanks to Sandra Jones for passing this information on to a very talented student artist.

This year I sent out the scholarship information to 57 high schools, a junior college and universities within Stanislaus County. I also included schools in Sutter and Placer County in California as well as schools in Chandler and Mesa Arizona. Next year I plan to focus on the above schools as well as schools in Sutter, Siskiyou and Trinity Counties.  If you are in another county, please seek out students in your area and inform them of our scholarship.

Our scholarship is offered on an annual basis to graduating seniors in high school, junior college students and up to a junior in a four year university or an accredited art school. Our annual final application acceptance date is March 31 of each year.  Keep this in mind if you observe a talented student for our next year’s scholarship opportunity.

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