PASTELS USA Chairman Jerry Boyd did his best Norman Rockwell impersonation at the Crocker Museum in Sacramento. I wonder if those who saw him pose realized that Jerry is such a talented artist in his own right!

Jerry posted on Facebook:

Here I am at the Crocker Museum in Sacramento this afternoon pretending to be Norman Rockwell. If I lost the beard and mustache, procured a pipe, and shed about 50 pounds…I’d look just like him don’t you think? As my granddaughter Sage pointed out, (and something I noticed from the very beginning) in the original painting, why does the image on the canvas appear to be a charcoal drawing when he’s using a brush and palette of oil paint? My only explanation is that the image catches him as he’s about to make the first stroke of paint. I’m still wondering about his choice of brush in his painting because it appears to be a soft watercolor brush.

Jerry Boyd as Norman Rockwell

Great Job, Jerry!

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