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All PSWC members are welcome and encouraged to add a link to their website where their pastel paintings are displayed. Just e-mail your name and web address with membership or signature status to Diane Blakley, Web Director, and we'll add you to the PSWC Members list.

Please help keep this list current by reporting any PSWC member status changes, web address changes, dead links, or technical problems. Check back for new additions; there are many wonderful paintings to look through, and our list of artists is always growing!

PSWC Artists Gallery Web Pages

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Page updated 5/3/17.

Pastel USA 2015 Winners:

Arranging the Pose by Ruth Hussey
W. Truman Hosner
Plein Air Magazine Award of Excellence winner
"The Silver Surf Slipped Her Heel"

Christine Obers
Nancy McDonald, PSWC-DP, PSA
The Deal

Claire Schroeven Verbiest

Kim Lordier, PSWC-DP, PSA
Autumn's Glory

Diana De Santis
Daggi Wallace, PSA

Evalynne A. McDougall
Dug Waggoner, PSWC-DP
Duck Landing

Jennifer Rowe
Jim Tyler, PSWC
Tulum Seascape

Karen Budan
Sandy Lindblad

Terri Ford
Tina Moore, PSWC-DP, PSA
Faire Lady

Jessica Fine
Douglas Tweddale
Trinity Flow

Jim Tyler
Katherine Irish
Waking Dream

Ellen Dreibelbis
Doreen L. Barton
Mannequin Girl.

Gerald Boyd
Melody Allen
Wave Inside the Curl,

Joanne Burney
Aaron Schuerr, PSA
A Windy Afternoon At Asilomar Beach

Marie Tippets
Gerald Boyd, PSWC-DP, PSA
The Student

Remy Martin
Laura Pollak
Mom's Garden

Diane Fechenbach
Bruce Russell
At the Hoesdown Fair, Guinda

Clark Mitchell
Teresa Ruzzo
Afternoon Delight

W. Truman Hosner

Patricia Rose Ford, PSWC
Piedra Lumbre Morning

Dug Waggoner

Cuong Nguyen, PSWC-DP, PSA

Bob Gerbracht
M. Kathryn Massey
Celadon Vase with Fruit

Ruth Hussey
Anna Wainright
Day's Ending

Kari Tirrell
Clark Mitchell, PSWC-DP, PSA
Storm Gathering

Cuong Nguyen
David Will, PSWC-DP
The Green Mug

W. Truman Hosner
Becky Johnson
Sounds of Spring

Dug Waggoner

Marie Tippets, PSWC, PSA
The Treasure Chest

Bob Gerbracht
Jane Radstrom
Girl in Stripes

Ruth Hussey
Willo Balfrey

Kari Tirrell
Jacquelyn Blue, PSWC
Malibu Park View

Cuong Nguyen
Kris Buck
April Afternoon

Cuong Nguyen
Joe Mancuso, PSWC-DP, PSA
Prelude to Evening

PSWC Members by Standing Members by City/State

Categorized by PSWC member standing, and listed by member's last name in alphabetical order.

PSWC - Laureate Pastelist:

Marbo Barnard, PSWC Laureate -
Daniel Greene, PSWC Laureate -
Bob Gerbracht, PSWC Laureate -
Albert Handell, PSWC Laureate -
Richard McKinley, PSWC-Laureate -
Margot Schulzke, PSWC Laureate -
Duane Wakeham, PSWC Laureate

PSWC - Distinguished Pastelists:

Philip Bates, PSWC-DP -
Gerald Boyd, PSWC-DP -
Mikko Dillon, PSWC-DP
Ellen R. Dreibelbis, PSWC-DP
Diane Fechenbach, PSWC-DP -
GALLERY: Terri Ford, PSWC-DP -
Lisa Fricker, PSWC-DP -
Bill Hosner, PSWC-DP -
Betsy M. Kellum, PSWC-DP -
Lee A. Kimball, PSWC-DP
Kim Lordier, PSWC-DP -
Joe Mancuso, PSWC-DP -
Deborah Bache Matlack, PSWC-DP -
Evalynne McDougall, PSWC-DP -
Clark Mitchell, PSWC-DP -
Tina Moore, PSWC-DP -
GALLERY: Elizabeth Mowry,
Waif Mullins, PSWC-DP -
Linda Mutti, PSWC-DP-
Cuong Nguyen, PSWC-DP-
Jennifer Rowe, PSWC-DP
Alana S. Shirley, PSWC-DP
Kari Tirrell, PSWC-DP-
Dug Waggoner, PSWC-DP -
David Will, PSWC-DP
Sharon Will, PSWC-DP
Anita Wolff, PSWC-DP -

PSWC Signature Artists:

Brooke Allison, PSWC
Gillian Altieri, PSWC -
Kathleen N. Anderson, PSWC
GALLERY: Patti Arbino -
Willo Balfrey, PSWC -
Bobbie Belvel, PSWC-
Stan Bloomfield, PSWC
Jacquelyn Blue, PSWC-
Brennie Brackett, PSWC -
Diane Breuer, PSWC-
Sandy Byers, PSWC -
GALLERY - Tonya Carpenter, PSWC -
Christine Chapman, PSWC-
Beverly Christensen, PSWC
Benjamin Cohen, PSWC
Lynda Conley, PSWC
Evelyn D. Delgado, PSWC -
Diana DeSantis, PSWC
Kathy Detrano, PSWC-
Marnie Donaldson, PSWC
Janis Lacey Ellison, PSWC-
Jennifer Evenhus, PSWC -
Esther Engelman, PSWC-
Marian Flahavin, PSWC-
Patricia Rose Ford, PSWC -
GALLERY: Lynn Freed, PSWC -
Susan Goodmundson, PSWC-
Valerie Graves, PSWC
Morgan Green, PSWC-
Ellen Gust- PSWC-
Kathryn Hall, PSWC -
Linda F. Harris, PSWC
Joyce Hasselbeck, PSWC
Bridget Herbst, PSWC -
Georgia Herrick, PSWC-
Gary Huber - PSWC -
Francine Hurd, PSWC
Randye Jensen, PSWC
Bonnie Kempner, PSWC -
Judith Keyani - PSWC
Idona Larson, PSWC
Matthew Lister, PSWC
Stephanie Rose Long, PSWC-
Jan Maitland, PSWC -
Sharon Matlock, PSWC
Barbara Remley Martin, PSWC -
Haesoon Matz, PSWC
Kathleen McDonnell, PSWC -
September McGee, PSWC-
Mark Mertens, PSWC
Jan Miller, PSWC
Judith Miller - PSWC -
Carol Molepske, PSWC
Maria Molina, PSWC
Hazel Boggess Monzingo, PSWC
Janice Muir, PSWC -
Barbara Benedetti Newton, PSWC-
Barbara Noonan, PSWC -
Christine Obers, PSWC-
Fran Odum, PSWC
Linda Oslin, PSWC
Katherine Owens, PSWC
Suzanne Owens, PSWC
GALLERY Debbie Patrick, PSWC-
Janet Patterson, PSWC
Bonita Paulis, PSWC -
Barbaras Pimentel, PSWC
Heidi Reeves, PSWC
Elizabeth Rhoades, PSWC -
Barbara Reich, PSWC-
Joyce Reinertson, PSWC
Cynthia Riordan , PSWC -
Nancy Roberts, PSWC-
Peggy Rose, PSWC - www.patriciarose
GALLERY: Jodell Ryan, PSWC
Ann Sanders, PSWC-
Judith Smith, PSWC -
Lori Snable, PSWC -
GALLERY: Marilyn St. Clair, PSWC -
Suzie Stach, PSWC-
Mary Stahl, PSWC-
LaVone Sterling, PSWC -
Patricia Suggs, PSWC
Vianna Szabo, PSWC -
Jan Thomas - PSWC -
Marie Tippetts - PSWC -
Tyler, Jim, PSWC -
Ginger Toomer, PSWC
Gloria Vernon, PSWC
Daggi Wallace, PSWC -
Priscilla Warddrip - PSWC
Debbie Wardrope, PSWC -
Suzanne L. Wilson, PSWC
Patricia Woodard, PSWC-
Madlyn Ann C. Woolwich, PSWC -
GALLERY: Kimberly Wurster -


PSWC Members:

Melody Allen -
Shirley Anderson -
GALLERY: Terry Anderson -
Pat S. Aragon -
Mary Aslin -
Pat Stoddard Aragon -
GALLERY: Giuliana Aubert
Barbara Archer-Baldwin -
Marcia Ballowe -
Linda Beach -
Steven Bennett
Barbara Berry -
Laura Black
Vicki Block
Dian Blomquist -
Linda Blue
Rosemary Boissonade
Lesli Bonanni -
Sandra Bonney -
Carol Bower -
JoAnne Bowie
Brenda Boylan -
Mary Brady
Donna Branson -
Carolyn Braun
Deborah Breedon -
Vicki L. Brink -
Mary Ann Broddrick -
Kris Buck -
Ginny Burdick -
Donna Burke
Sharon Burkett
KC Caldwell
Lorie Callahan -
Antonia Carriere -
Sherri Cassell -
Jacquelyn Cattaneo -
Karen Carle
Christy Carleton -
Josef Caro -
Nana Carrillo -
Kathyrn Cass
GALLERY: Sandra Cherk -
Jan Chiaramonte -
Jean Choi -
Jim Chomchai -
Dedrian Clark -
Julia Cline
Heather Coen -
Marsha Connell -
Patricia Connolly
Patricia Cook - 
Peter Coons
Elizabeth Cooper
Marie Cotter
Lisa Couper -
Laurie Crawford
Judith Crowe -
Bre Crowell -
Cathleen Cuerrini 
Katherine Cunningham
Susan C. D'Amico
Carol A. David
Lyle Davis
Patricia Davis
Philip Davis
Beverly Dearman
Christine A. Debrosky -
Marilia DeCampos
Sheila Delimont -
Kristen Dempsey
Cathy de Lorimier -
Dori Dewberry -
Jane Ditri -
William Doherty
Aurora Dominguez
Brenda Dominguez
Robert Doughtery
Cinda Sue Dow -
Mardie Driftmier -
Susan Dunker
Merrilyn Duzy -
Linda Evans
Joan Facca
GALLERY - Michele Z. Farrier -
Judy Felsen -
Candice Ferguson -
Nicolette Fetsch
Bethany Fields -
Jeanni Fine -
Ivanie Finsvik
Russell Frank
Sharon Frey
Thomas Frey
GALLERY: Carlotta Fuerstenberg -
Thaleia Georgiades
Irene Georgopoulou -
Cindy Gillett -
Carrie Givens -
Karen Glancy
Marie Gonzales
Alejandra Gos -
Jimmie Grann
Carla Griffin -
Bonnie Griffith -
Annik Gunter
Yolando Gurries
Jennifer Hammer
Jeanine Handell
Christy Harangozo -
Janet Hardie
Debbie Harding -
Paul Harman -
Marianne Harris
Carolyn Hartling
Carol Haywood -
GALLERY: Sandi Heller -
Carolyn Henderson -
Charlene Hill
Deborah Hill -
Sabrina Hill -
Karen Horne -
Douglas Hauser
Lynn Humphrey
Marilyn Hurst
GALLERY: Katherine Irish -
Christine Ivers
Barbara Jacobs -
Matthew Jaffe
Sandra Jennings-Jones -
Becky Johnson -
Bobbie Johnson -
James R. Johnson -
Lucinda Johnson -
Vicki Johnson -
Sheridan Jones -
David Kalbach -
Virginia Kamhi -
Deepali Kapatkar
Cherly Kampe
Tricia Kaman
Christina Karras
Lynn Kearney
Toni Kellerberg
Judith King
Pat Kirby
GALLERY: Rita Kirkman -
Judy Koenig -
Roswitha M. Kress
David Lazarony -
Steven Lemke -
Suzanne Leslie -
Tai Meng Lim -
Sandy Lindblad -
Brent Logan
Sandra MacDiarmid
Janet Macy
Yael Maimon -
Diane Mann
Michelle Marco -
Amy Martin -
Jody Martin -
Sheldon Marks -
M Katheryn Massey -
Lise Hoffman-McCabe -
Catherine McKeever
Eveline Miller -
Nancy Misek -
Manabu Morikawa
Jane Mothersill -
GALLERY: Carol Murphy
GALLERY: Nancy Ness -
Mike Nowicki
Ann Nunziata
Karen O'Brien -
Sharon Oliver
Ada M. Passaro
Linda Patterson
Sam Pearson -
Deborah Pepin -
Sandra Perez
Ericka Perloff -
Susan Perrish -
Denice Peters -
Alain Picard -
Sandra Place -
Laura E. Pollak -
Patricia Prendergast -
Carol Eaton-Preston -
Lillian Quaschnick
Jayne Quig
Abigail Racco
Patricia Raposo
Linda Reynolds -
Judy Richardson -
Lisa Rico -
Linda Roemisch -
Rita Romero -
Teresa Ruzzo
Cheri Saffro -
Tamra Sanchez -
Diana Sanford -
Mary Beth Sasso -
Gay Lynn Saunders
Pamela Sawyers
Helen Scheel
Barbara Schneider -
William Schneider -
Joyce Schoettgen
Dawn Secord
Lynn Simon -
Teri Sloat -
Marty Stewart -
Diane Stolz -
Terri Taber -
Carol Talley -
Nori Thorne -
Carolyn Thompson -
Marshall Toomey
William Tungate
Helen Turner -
Doug Tweddale -
Mary Villon de Benveniste -
Anna Wainright -
Martha Walker -
Bobbye West-Thompson -
Chris Williams
Joyce Williams -
Nancy Woodward
Kikuko Young
Jeannene Yount
Sydney Zentall -
Sue Ziegler -