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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to live on the West Coast to join the Pastel Society of the West Coast?
No.  While more than half of the membership may be located in the three West Coast states, our membership is widely disbursed.  In fact, PSWC members can be found in over half of the states and even in Canada.

I see the society has Signature Members.  What is a Signature Member of a society?
Many art societies have adopted a “Signature Policy” to honor or designate members who have earned recognition as artists with a consistently high level of skill and performance.

How do I earn Signature Status at PSWC?
Once you become a member of PSWC, you can start working on earning “Signature Status”. The PSWC awards “Signature Status” to a member when they have been accepted into three different PASTELS USA National Open shows. Because the exhibit is juried each year by several different established artists/judges (one of which has recognition in a medium other than pastel), the artist is considered to have earned recognition of a high performance standard. If an artist wins an award in the PSWC Membership Show (which is held every other year), that honor will satisfy the requirement for one, but only one, of the three show acceptances required for obtaining “Signature” status.

Winning an award, or hanging in the society’s Pastels In Light exhibition does not count toward meeting "Signature Status" requirements.Pastels in Lightis not a juried show.