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Rita Kirkman

About Rita Kirkman

Rita Kirkman was born an artist, and has been using pastel since she was 11 years old. Her work is defined by light, color and composition, and since 2003 has consistently won major awards in national and international competitions. Her work has been featured in the Pastel Journal and the Pratique des Arts Spécial Pastel, and published in many others.

"I’m blessed to be able to find beauty in almost everything I see. My work has evolved into an observation of sunlight and shadow, and recently I’ve been playing with more adventurous ways to portray light with color, value, and temperature. I've fallen in to painting ranch animals as one of my series of subjects popular with collectors, and that's ok because I enjoy painting almost everything, and as Claude Monet said, ‘The subject matter, my dear good fellow, is the light.’”

Her work is in public and private collections all over the world, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Africa and Australia.

In 2011 Kirkman took a Carol Marine workshop and has been striving, with varied success, to become a daily painter. You can see her daily paintings on her blog at

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Artwork by Rita Kirkman

Images in Gallery:
"Counting Sheep" 32x32 inches
"Dodge" 15 inch circle
"Elfling" 8x6 inches
"Melody" 6x6 inches

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