Nancy Ness

Nancy Ness

About Nancy Ness

Nancy is a graduate of Pratt Institute, NY and an associate member of the PSA. She has won numerous awards both national and international for her artwork. After a career as Art Director, she now works in the fine arts.

Artist's Statement: "Through the act of art-making, I search for my personal visual language by pushing color and abstraction to communicate the know in unexpected ways."


PO Box 150168 Ogden, Utah 84415

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Art Images:
1. Shell Parade 16x20" This pastel received the Alabama Award at the 2014 Annual PSA show in NYC.
2. View from the Bow 16x21" This pastel received the Great American Artworks Award at the 2016 Annual PSA show in NYC.
3. Reefing Line, 15x20" A pastel from the sail series
4. Head Sails 15x20" A pastel from sail series.

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Artwork by Nancy Ness

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