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As a landscape artist, I join the league of painters, writers, and musicians, who point to nature as the embodiment of truth. Glimpses of life’s meaning and profundity can be experienced each day through the experience of the natural world. The swelling of a flower bud on a fruit tree, destined to provide a sweet warm peach, the rising crescendo as a sunset reaches it’s  most intense hues, a fierce eagle perched above a body of water searching for prey, provide experiences that enrich and inform our lives.  Nature is a window to a presence much larger than we are. Light teaches us about impermanence. I have made a conscious decision to ask people to look a representation of nature and to contribute beauty through visually depicting a moment in time. I wonder.

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Katherine Irish Studio , P.O. Box 37, Placitas, NM 87043
phone 505-238-3520, 505-867-6283
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Painting Titles:

A Leisure Glide  (12" x 18")

Morning Light and Shadow  (18" x 30")

Roiling Mist (16" x 20")

Sky Spirits (16" x 20")

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