Carlotta Fuerstenberg

Carlotta Fuerstenberg

About Carlotta Fuerstenberg

I have always had an interest in painting and poetry, but it was not until I was 72 years old that I enrolled in course in the Senior Center in Moreno Valley, sponsored by the Riverside City College, where I started from scratch, and where I had an excellent teacher in pastels. That is when I took a real liking to Pastels. This teacher unfortunately died in the middle of the course. I never had a chance to find another good teacher. So proceeded on my own, just practicing. I also dabbled in Acrylics and Oils for a few months, and still do. I always wanted to paint dogs, because my life revolves around dogs. For twenty years after my retirement, I had my own Dog Rescue Agency. I was too busy then to paint much, but I still kept it up. Now, at 91, I have time on my hands, and love painting for hours at a time. Like I said, I love dogs, and that is why paint dog portraits mostly, but I also paint other pets. I have not gone into painting landscapes in pastels too much, but that is what I to do next.


I like FINE ART., the Old Masters especially. It does not matter what medium the artist used to bring his thoughts unto paper and make a three-dimensional object out of it. I admire the pastel artists who make a painting look it was easy when in reality it takes a lot practice with those soft sticks to create fine details and make them not look like a child’s drawing. I use a premium brand of soft pastels on Velour paper for my pet portraits and try my best to make them look natural.


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"Sandy with Toy", 8" X 10" (pictured above)
"Boxer Mastiff - Ginger", 8" X 10"
"Lhasa Apso - Boy", 8" X 10"
"Vicki", 8" X 10"

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