Becky L. Bane


I studied art since age 14 and was mentored by Nina Danko, as well as M. Saylor. My college studies were in studio art, as well as ancient history and art history. I think that combination has given my work a special depth & breadth. The same is true of my travels to places like Germany & Italy to the Pacific Northwest & the eastern U.S., although I am a long time resident of California.

Pastels have always been my favorite medium for their uniquely tactile qualities and infinite possibilities. I find pastels are the best medium for me to capture the luminosity and the textures of the moments I see as I go about my day. It’s similar to when I was a child, noticing small things children do, the unique patterns or surfaces of everyday items and their special magic as the light passes over them.

The human face fascinates me as much as the shipyards where my father worked. Ever the observer, I loved to watch my mother, aunts & grandmothers work in their kitchens as much as walking through work sites with my father. Steel beams and equipment dwarfed us, while welding sparks cast amazing light patterns everywhere. The colors, textures, shapes and light are still endlessly challenging to me as an artist.

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